Jane naana opoku Agyeman is more Dangerous than coronavirus  – Asokwa comm. Team Member

The Brouhaha over prof. Jane naana opoku Agyeman as John Mahama’s Running mate for 2020 polls on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress hasn’t been easy  on the side on the NPP after she was appointed.

 The NPP communications Team Member for asokwa constitueny who doubled as Youth Organizer for KyireApatre electoral area in the kumasi metropolis of the Ashanti region has lamented over the Appointment of the woman.     

According James kwadwo pepprah when you look at the track record of prof. Naana opoku Agyeman during her Appointment to the ministry of Education,  she did nothing to the betterment for the education sectors in Ghana  but she  collapsed what Prez kuffour left behind with her corrupt government.  

However, opoku Agyeman cancelled Teacher training Allowances,   she cancelled scholarships but her 3 children whom the NDC’s are boasting about them of having PhD’s never paid school fees. 

Even as they were studying abroad,  none of them paid fees but they rather benefited from the Ghana’s scholarship secretariat which she cancelled after their benefits.   

He said  someone who came and destroyed our educational system as a minister,  she will collapse Ghana if she’s given knot as a vice president or a presidential candidate.    

Mr james kwadwo pepprah told the media the woman is Dangerous than coronavirus if Ghanain  women thinks this is their time and it’s the form of women Empowerment to them,   then they should be very vigilant because NDC came to steal,  kill and destroy.     

There are more competent people in the NDC who can be chosen as running mate for john Mahama but because both of them are corrupt and they are upto something that will collapse and sink  Ghana’s Economy that is why the woman was selected.    

He revealed that NPP has no problem about the woman but they are just advising Ghanaina women  to be very  because The Woman was Appointed so that women will vote for NDC 

He quoted.           

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