The President and Founder for Save the Nation For Future Leaders Kwadwo Atta Apeakorang has revealed that, Ghanaians will die in 10 years coming,if Our National Securities doesn’t take precautionary measures.

Since,2018, Save the Nation For Future Leaders has been educating the public on galamsey. We have organized educative programmes on illegal mining (galamsey )and have created awareness on several platforms both radio, television and print respectively.

Government led by H.E.Nana Addo Dankwah Addo Akufo spent million of cedis on Operation Vanguard and Operation Galamstop in fighting against Galamsey which has become a burden on the government and some citizenry, he revealed.

Apeakorang stated that, the greatest backbone of the nation’s Economy is agriculture but the small scale miners has destroyed all lands and water bodies that’s meant for agricultural purposes .
“Galamseyers has destroyed our Lands, water bodies and all our Greener Pastures because of their interest”.

He added that, for our agriculture can grow to boost our economy, Lands and Waters are needed which the farmers will use it for their farming activities.
Unfortunately, all rivers across the country has been polluted by mercury.

“Operation Vanguard was told to protect our Land and Water bodies from small scale miners(Galamseyers), but they couldn’t fulfill their mandate and has failed the government totally”.

“Operation Galamstop also came to the scene to put a stop to small scale mining but they couldn’t control the miners. They also did what Operation Vanguard did, which save the Nation For Future Leaders intervene and wrote numerous of petition to presidency, Ministry of Environments, Science and Innovation, Ministry of Land and Natural Resources, Chamber of Mines, Forestry Commission, Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) and other agencies to dissolve Operation Vanguard and Operation Galamstop respectively because it’s needless and irrelevant to the nation, he disclose”.

Spending money on Operation Vanguard and Operation Galamstop without fulfilling their mandate and unable to control galamsey is “Financial cost to the state”.

save the nation for future Leaders appealed to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Ministry of Land and Natural Resources and Ministry of Environment , Science and Innovation to support agenda Fight against Galamsey.

He also pleaded with National House of Chief, and Ministry of Chieftancy to help and protect save the president against support fight against the illegal mining in our country.

He then pleaded with Brigader General of the Ghana Armed Forces and Inspector General of police (IGP) of Ghana Police Service, to protect the President for Save the Nation For Future Leaders Kwadwo Atta Apeakorang to lead an advocacy and education across the country and makes the miners reclaimed the galamsey lands which will makes our waters returns to it normal status.

Apeakorang stated that, the government should order the galamseyers to reclaimed all the defunct lands within 21 days.

“All galamsey companies should be registered for farming activities to restore our ecosystem.
This will ensure all water bodies returns to usability and farming activities regain momentum to adequately feed the entire country at affordable cost, since we ate brawling with the covid-19 pandemic”.

After registering them, the government should issued loans for them to start their farming activities, this will create jobs for the youth and reduce unemployed graduate, unemployment rate in the at large.

However, Save the Nation For Future Leaders appreciate the superb Work done by Our Security services (i.e. Army, Police Immigration, Customs) since the outbreak of covid-19 for sacrificing their life for Ghanaians. How our nation securities enforced the covid-19 protocols Laws, especially Wearing of Nose Masks.
“But, they have failed to protect our Land and Water bodies which has been destroyed by illegal miners and has failed to enforce Laws govern galamsey respectively.

Apeakorang suggested that, agricultural unit should created in the Armed Forces to supervise the reclaimation of galamsey lands and all farming activities.

“Ghana Armed forces has been recognized by United Nations (UN) and other international institutions for their good work when they go for peace keeping.

“This is the era for our Armed forces to protect their Land, water bodies and properties as they have been protecting international Lands and properties. Ghana is our motherland, let join hands together and protect our forest,water bodies,Lands.

“Statistics from the Forestry Commission of Ghana indicate that the country’s forest resources which stood at 8 million hectares in the early 1920s has been reduced to an estimated 1.8 million hectares as at 2010/2011 (both on and Off forest reserves)”.
The World Bank sponsored Sustainable
Land and Water Management Project in 2010 indicated a deforestation rate of 22,000 ha per year
whilst Ghana reported a gross annual deforestation rate of 135,000 ha according to FAO’s Forest
Resource Assessment for 2010. At this rate the country averagely is expected to run out of forest
cover in about 20 years. This has affected Ghana’s export of timber products. The value of
exports of plywood and wood flooring has fallen by 82.8% and 87.3% respectively between
2005 and 2010.

He draw the curtains down by pleading with Armed Forces to remember what Galamseyers did to the colleague,Major Captain Adams Mahama(late) and protect our lands and Waters bodies for the sake of their beloved late Mahama.

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