“Seek medical help amidst your faith” -Rev. Christiana Otu Lartey,

On Wednesday September 16, 2020’s show; Rev. Christiana Otu Lartey, founder of the Kingdom Chapel at Tema Community 25 was interviewed.

The topic discussed was “How Christians Influence Sick Children in Society”.

Rev. Otu Lartey said the church is Christ’s example and makes for the Christian character because Christ came to die and resurrect for all. She further said that the church does not discriminate among people.

She reiterated that “it is faith that moves our life even when we don’t believe in God” and that “salvation is an individual affair” whether you are rich or poor, sick or in good health.

She said it’s not difficult for a Christian to cater for the sick but the teeming challenges associated with doing so sometimes made it difficult. These could come in the form of continual payment of bills, supporting their up keep, and etcetera. This could pose as a serious challenge so it’s better doing so from afar.

Again, she noted that some churches have different doctrinal views such as refusal to receive blood transfusion, discouraging patients from seeking regular medical care even as first aid amongst others.

She advised church leaders as well as members to seek for regular medical check-up when needed.

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