Speaking on the topic “why some married men would still go in for side chicks although they are legally married”, Rev. Mrs. Mercy Andoh head pastor of the Christ Foundation Family Chapel located in Prampram in the Greater Accra Region was of the view that such menace is an ancient behavior attributed to many factors. She blatantly condemned it, saying God doesn’t approve of such behavior. She said that God respects the covenant of marriage quoting an example of God siding with Sarah when she asked Abraham to sack Hagar and Ishmael in Genesis 21:12 although Ishmael was Abraham’s son too.

When asked why some men would go in for “side chicks” she alluded to the fact that some men did so out of lack of self-control, greed or for selfish sexual gratification, amongst. She was however of the view that some women too believe that it’s better to go in for someone’s husband because such men seem to be more “responsible”.

She said that after many years of being a marriage counsellor and pastor she’s could boldly say that women are better able to control themselves than men. She cited it as a mystery yet to be demystified; as how quite a number of men do not have much self-control as compared to women. She gave an example of a 92 year old pastor who was eager to marry again recently, after he lost his wife only a year ago.

She notes that, some people may want many children just to show that they are capable of catering for them; but the definition of a man she says doesn’t lie in the number of children he is able to father physically. In other situations some people would want to have either a male or female child because they do not have either from their spouse. Others attributed it to their wives being too fat, again pressure from the extended family amongst others. Often times poor people are who always want to have many children she stated.

Citing effects this menace had on families, Rev. Mrs. Andoh said the effects are myriad.  From her experience as a marriage counsellor, she said many women are unable to accept the illegitimate children, some die out of shock, repercussions of the bloodline on the children. She ended by advising men with proverbs 5:19 that “A loving doe, a graceful deer, may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be intoxicated with her love”.

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