Aggrieved public sector workers to protest over 4% salary increment August 18

On Wednesday over 30,000 Aggrieved Public Sector Workers will hit the street to protest the 4 % percent salary adjustment instead of the 25 percent increment proposed.

The group have accused its mother bodies the trades union congress (TUC) and organized labor for being in bed with government thereby failing to bargain for better conditions of service for its members.

The workers said government has failed to heed their demand for their duly deserved 25% increment in wages.

The leaders of the aggrieved workers, argue that “there is no equity and fairness in the recent salary increment between them and the article 71 office holders.

Where others receive a 79 percent increase and the tax payers see only a 4 percent surge. The low percentage of the increment, according to government is to allow for the government to employ over one million workers into the public service.

But the, agitated workers disagree and are resolute to hit the streets to express their displeasure.

The group have already petitioned Parliament, with no positive response pushing them to notify the police about their intention to hit the streets.  The group demands fairness to justify the all the additional tax introduced which is also a burden on the public sector worker.

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